Insulated Sectional Doors

Our sectional garage doors are modern, stylish and energy efficient.

A typical sectional garage door consists of 4-5 insulated panels which are laid on top of each other and attached by hinges. To ensure safety, the top and bottom of each panel are specially shaped to minimise the risk of catching fingers.

The high density foam core in each panel is enclosed by two steel outer skins which are available in many colours to suit the exterior of your premises. These panels offer excellent insulation and a degree of sound proofing. The door opens upwards and glides into the garage and is suspended by a tracking system under the ceiling.

Below are some of the benefits of our insulated sectional doors:

Insulated – keeps the cold out.
Fully sealed – all round weather seals for complete draught proofing.
Low maintenance – only the occasional wash is necessary.
Secure – fitted with an anti-theft locking system.
Safe – specially shaped panels to minimise the risk of catching fingers.
Fully automated – remote control operation from your car or indoors.